an interactive sound sculpture

technical realization by Jari Suominen

2013 –


When placed on top of the music box each tetrahedron will tricker a particular sound loop assigned to it. The piece comes with eleven repetitive miniature music worlds that have been tuned to co-exist harmonically as well as rhythmically. The listener is invited to explore the various combinations. The loops are built out of short samples collected from ethnographic recordings from around the world and the sounds of a homemade synthesizer.

version 1.0 at Taidekeskus Mältinranta, 2013

version 1.0 at Galleria Huuto, 2013

version 3.0 at Mänttä XIX Art Festival, 2014

Tomutonttu live performance with a volunteer assistant operating the TT Music Box. At the Metso Music Library March 30th 2016.