Prints for sale!

Hei I got four new prints for sale, 5 colour screenprints, in numbered & signed editions of 30, 42 cm x 30 cm. These were masterfully printed by Shining Labor in Berlin. Titles given by 5-year-old twins A&O. You may not see it from these pictures but the yellow is fluorescent and the brown’s gold.

Prices including shipping in a tube:
Suomi 58 €
EU 60 €
others 65 €

Get in touch for availability (jan at kemiallisetystavat dot com). I can give you a little discount if you’d like to get more than one.

“Pyörivä raita” tai “Vuoristorata ihmisen teko”

“Pyörivä raita” tai “Vuoristorata ihmisen teko”

“Pyörivät nuolet ja pallot”

“Pyörivät nuolet ja pallot”

“Tanssiva valo”

“Tanssiva valo”

“Tanssiva hirviö” tai “Tanssiva ihmishirviö”

“Tanssiva hirviö” tai “Tanssiva ihmishirviö”

Leikki & Hot Mess

Some of my mosaics and tons of cool art from other people are up at Haiharan Taidekeskus in Tampere until 4th of August. The show’s called LEIKKI. Few more days to check it out! There’s another group show opening soon (30.7.–25.8.2019) with my video & quilt installation in it. That one’s called HOT MESS! It’s at Valvegalleria in Oulu and it’s part of the wonderful Oulu Music Video Festival. Stay sane ok!



What happened last year? I’m not really sure but here’s a short listing of some of the activities I found myself involved with in 2018.

I showed Siipi Empii first at 3H+K in Pori in January and then at Myymälä2 in Helsinki in February. Sami Klemola and Tampere Biennale invited me to show my work at Tiketti Galleria in Helsinki. The show was called Äimän Tähkä and was a collection of old paintings and things and some new work including these small scale textile collages:

Kemialliset Ystävät Siipi Empii was released in April by Leaving Records and Ikuisuus. I feel like it might be the most original and in many ways “successful” piece of music I’ve ever released. I also feel that not too many people heard it? But that’s ok, there so much stuff out there! Some amazing artists agreed to make music videos for the album and you can see them all here.

I only played a handful of Tomutonttu shows last year but they were all fun.

Most of the spring I was working on a commissioned proposal for a public sculpture for the new children’s hospital in Tampere. My proposal, a mosaic covered pyramid serving as a landing spot for the extraterrestrial visitors, did not win but it was fun to make and I learned a lot while making it.

While I was melting away in the summer I somehow managed to also compose some music for NYKY Ensemble, a contemporary music ensemble operating in the Sibelius Academy. Together as a group we made an improvisatory piece that was performed in front of 15 000 people at Senaatintori in Helsinki. We were honoured to be the opening act for La Fura Del Baus’ Human Net spectacle.

I showed some work at Kotka Art and Pyhäniemen kartano, like these two paintings:

The rest of the year I was making things that then became Tahmeaa Tietoa.

Delta~Wave Festival & Art Fair Suomi

I'm about to be teleported to Belgium where I'm honoured to perform Tomutonttu music and show some new art as part of the Delta~Wave – "a 3-day festival highlighting the trance-dimensional surface rubbings of new music, installation, sound sculpting, graphic and video art throughout Het Bos in Antwerp". Sounds pretty good! The stellar line-up includes music/art/video from people like MSHR, Visible Cloaks, Innercity, Umwurf, Robert Beatty, Virginia Genta, Jelle Crama, Hannah Giese, Amy Roselynne Faust, Gabriela Gonzáles and many more. I'll be doing a Tomutonttu performance also in Amsterdam (@Occii, May 24th) and Rotterdam (@Worm, May 28th). Thank you Frame Finland for supporting the trip. 

If you're in Helsinki the upcoming weekend and in the mood for art fair you should go and see Art Fair Suomi. Somewhere in there, in between everything, you may find some little things by me. Go find them and then buy it all buahahaha... seriously though I need the money. 

Prints, concerts, diaries

Hello good people of the Planet Wack!

I got two prints for sale that I just silkscreened. The one with the birds singing is 42 cm x 53 cm (numbered & signed edition of 15) and the other one's a little smaller, 30 cm x 41 cm (numbered and signed edition of 11). Both have 3 layers of acrylic colour and are printed on 200g/ Canson paper. Get in touch for prices and availability

Prosessigalleria ("Process Gallery", you guessed it) is a Finnish online gallery that is inviting artists to shine some light on their creative processes. My contribution took a form of a work diary. I'm writing something every day for a month and Prosessigalleria is posting my notes twice a week. Today they published the third one. It's in Finnish.

I've been working on a piece of Kemialliset Ystävät music called Nuotiossa ("Inside a Camp Fire") for the Helsinki based contemporary music group defunensemble. Yesterday I visited them in Helsinki and we rehearsed the piece. I must say, it sounded hot. I'm super excited about it! The world premiere will take place in Tallinn (Kanuti Gildi SAAL) on Friday the 9th of December and in Helsinki (WHS Teatteri Unioni) the next day, Saturday the 10th.  

I'm putting together a little group show for everyone's favourite Tampere living room, Ravintola 931. It will feature art made by people who have their studio at Pyynikin trikoo, the old factory where I make most of my stuff.

Stay warm. 

Two new Tomutonttu albums!

I'm excited to bring you two "new" albums of Tomutonttu music.

The first one was finished in the beginning of 2015 and was premiered as a soundtrack to my KEVÄTJUHLA exhibition. The album shares the same title, "Spring Celebration". Here's a new SINGLE from that album, it's called SIUNATUT JYVÄT.

Here's another track from Kevätjuhla, this one's called KUINKA VOIN AUTTAA.

The other new album is called TRARAT and it is collection of recordings I made this spring while working on a live piece commissioned by Tampere Biennial. It is to be released on cassette and as a digital download by Leaving Records maybe before the summer is gone. Here's what one section of it sounds like:

Metso LIVE documentation

Don't be sad if you couldn't make it to the Metso Library in Tampere yesterday. Thanks to the skilful youth at Tampere Nuorisopalvelut the event was streamed live and documented. I was asked to select some books, music and films from the collections of the library that I would recommend to people. The video starts with librarian Juhani Koivisto interviewing me about my picks. In Finnish. Then there's a little improvisation (starts at 27:50) with a volunteer assistant operating the Tomutonttu Music Box. The sound is a bit rough but that's just how it is sometimes.