Delta~Wave Festival & Art Fair Suomi

I'm about to be teleported to Belgium where I'm honoured to perform Tomutonttu music and show some new art as part of the Delta~Wave – "a 3-day festival highlighting the trance-dimensional surface rubbings of new music, installation, sound sculpting, graphic and video art throughout Het Bos in Antwerp". Sounds pretty good! The stellar line-up includes music/art/video from people like MSHR, Visible Cloaks, Innercity, Umwurf, Robert Beatty, Virginia Genta, Jelle Crama, Hannah Giese, Amy Roselynne Faust, Gabriela Gonzáles and many more. I'll be doing a Tomutonttu performance also in Amsterdam (@Occii, May 24th) and Rotterdam (@Worm, May 28th). Thank you Frame Finland for supporting the trip. 

If you're in Helsinki the upcoming weekend and in the mood for art fair you should go and see Art Fair Suomi. Somewhere in there, in between everything, you may find some little things by me. Go find them and then buy it all buahahaha... seriously though I need the money.