Two new Tomutonttu albums!

I'm excited to bring you two "new" albums of Tomutonttu music.

The first one was finished in the beginning of 2015 and was premiered as a soundtrack to my KEVÄTJUHLA exhibition. The album shares the same title, "Spring Celebration". Here's a new SINGLE from that album, it's called SIUNATUT JYVÄT.

Here's another track from Kevätjuhla, this one's called KUINKA VOIN AUTTAA.

The other new album is called TRARAT and it is collection of recordings I made this spring while working on a live piece commissioned by Tampere Biennial. It is to be released on cassette and as a digital download by Leaving Records maybe before the summer is gone. Here's what one section of it sounds like:

Metso LIVE documentation

Don't be sad if you couldn't make it to the Metso Library in Tampere yesterday. Thanks to the skilful youth at Tampere Nuorisopalvelut the event was streamed live and documented. I was asked to select some books, music and films from the collections of the library that I would recommend to people. The video starts with librarian Juhani Koivisto interviewing me about my picks. In Finnish. Then there's a little improvisation (starts at 27:50) with a volunteer assistant operating the Tomutonttu Music Box. The sound is a bit rough but that's just how it is sometimes.